New Releases this week 29/04/11

Couple of odd titles for the May Day weekend, however with only just under a month to go till L.A. Noire every release seems paltry in comparison. However if you are into your isometric action RPG's you are in for a treat with Darkspore. Here's our pick of the releases this week.

Virtua Tennis 4
Wii, Xbox 360 (Kinect), PS3 (Move)

The classic arcade tennis title returns and for the first time ever, features motion control for all consoles, maybe you are more of a Top Spin fan, but all arcade goers know that when someone says Tennis, you say Virtua. Whilst the series has gone downhill since it's heyday on the Dreamcast, there's still hope for this title being a great tennis title... lets just hope they didn’t focus absolutely everything on the game's motion control.


Darkspore is the spiritual successor to Will Wright's Spore, and an action RPG set in the isometric view. Using the more brutal characters created with Spore you collect and choose your weapons to use against the evil Darkspore. If you like Diablo and the recent Magicka, then Darkspore looks right up your alley; also featuring 4 player co-op and PVP its one that online fans are going to love.

Whilst it clearly isn't the new Diablo, Darkspore will fill your void until it's release, Virtua Tennis 4 is really a bit of gamble, but if you want something new to play this week, look no further than these two. Will you be buying anything this week?