New Releases this week 27/05/11

It seems pretty slow on game releases with the impending lull of summer gaming ahead, not to mention the fact that everyone and their mother is sat at home enjoying the beautiful splendour of L.A. Noire. Here's our pick of the releases this week.

Family Farm
Windows, Linux, Mac

Do you look back on the days where you used to fire up the old Gameboy and give Harvest Moon a whirl for 3 hours, tend to your farm, feed your animals then head off to school? Well unfortunately the Gameboy is a tool of the past, and Harvest Moon is so rare to come across on handhelds us farming fans are a little desperate. Well now that void can be filled with Hammerware's Family Farm, a great new farming sim for the PC that is family friendly, and has pretty cute graphics. From tilling your fields, to feeding your hens you'll find oodles of farm fun in this title.

Well unfortunately that's it for this week, we've a few big games coming up for release soon, so don't get despondent. Pick up Family Farm if you are into your cute simulation titles, you'll undoubtedly waste a few good hours of your weekend growing your rank up like I have already. Will you be buying anything this week?