New Releases this week 21/04/11

If you are sick of family friendly titles and the endless stream of Summer games get ready for blood, violence and shooting in the fantastic line up of games that you could be playing over Easter. Here's our pick of the releases this week.

Mortal Kombat
Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Mortal Kombat returns in full form in the ninth iteration in the series. With practically every character you've met in the series, and packed with as much blood, and gore as you could imagine, this looks like Mortal Kombat is on the way up from it's previous let-downs. If you are fed up of Japanese beat-em-ups, get your hands on this iconic western fighter.

Portal 2
Xbox 360, Windows, Playstation 3

Fans have waited patiently for the long awaited sequel to the 2007 game of the year, with local co-op, and more puzzles and witty dialogue than you can imagine, Portal 2 is not going to disappoint. Valve have promised there will be no new meme to accompany the game, but you know what the internet is like...

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV returns along with it's sequel the After Years, featuring it's original 2D graphics with a revamp fans of the series will be caught in a web of nostalgia with one of the best titles in the series. Join Cecil in his quest for redemption and realise just how much the series has gone down hill. The Complete Collection also comes with bonus artcards and more for those that love their little extra bits and pieces.

Puzzle Bobble Universe
Nintendo 3DS

The brilliant Puzzle Bobble comes to the 3DS in Puzzle Bobble Universe; bringing back the adorable Bub and Bob of yesteryear this series has seen remakes in the hundreds. Whilst it isn't generally very fresh, no one stops playing Tetris do they? So why stop playing Puzzle Bobble for decades?

The Next BIG Thing

From Pendulo Studios; the creators of the hilarious Runaway series comes their newest title The Next BIG Thing. If you like witty dialogue and creative characters then you will not be disappointed with The Next BIG Thing, adventure game fans this is the game you will want to buy this month.

Black Mirror III

Taking a different approach to The Next BIG Thing, Black Mirror III is the more serious horror adventure game. Played in a chilling first person perspective prepare to be immersed in a nightmare of uncertainty and intrigue as you lift the veil on Darren's clouded past.

Whether you like adventure games, or are a bit of an FPS nut there's an abundance of choice for everyone this week. My money is on Portal 2, but the Mortal Kombat demo played fantastically! Will you be buying anything this week?