New Releases this week 21/01/11

It is the week that we have all been waiting for, Little Big Planet 2 is finally out, in fact Playstation 3 owners will have a joyous time this week as they also have two action-orientated titles Mindjack, and the brilliant Mass Effect 2 out, here's our pick of the releases this week.

Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Square Enix's futuristic third person shooter that blurs the line between traditional single and multiplayer gameplay by putting real-world players into the roles of in-game enemies, allies and creatures at any time. The premise sounds pretty exciting, but generally Mindjack has not had much press about it, the idea of hacking allowing you to join any 'open' single player game is fantastic, and it definitely looks interesting.

Little Big Planet 2
Playstation 3

The wait is over, Little Big Planet 2 is finally out for fans in the UK and it is absolutely fantastic! With more creative control that most people can dream of! Expect more impressive and artistically brilliant levels, of course you may have to wade through some crap while you get at it. With a story mode far greater and more dramatic than the original it is up to you as your Sack-thing to join the Alliance and thwart the evil Negativitron, and you'll have a magnificent ride along the way.

Mass Effect 2
Playstation 3

It may have been a long time coming, but Playstation 3 owners can finally experience the beauty that is Mass Effect 2, and best of all fans of the Sony console will not have to pay a penny for DLC, as they will receive it all for the price of the game on the disc! Although players will not be able to play through Mass Effect on their Playstation 3, who needs the average original when you've got one of the best games of 2010 on your TV.

Spare Parts
Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network

Spare Parts is a new co-operative downloadable title from EA's Bright Light Studio, focusing around the characters Mar-T and Chip whose ship has become stranded on a junkyard planet. With local and online co-operative play you will need to traverse the planet in search of the key components in which to repair your ship. It's a fun little platforming game that is both cute and engaging, plus it features the voice of Simon Pegg.

We know that we're going to be spending the whole weekend playing Little Big Planet 2, you try and pull us away! Having already played Mass Effect 2 to death on the Xbox 360 however we aren't too enthused about it's release on the Playstation 3. Catherine's already been consuming her time on Spare Parts since its release on Wednesday. What will you be buying this week?