New Releases this week 20/05/11

Ok, so it is finally here, L.A. Noire has been released, it was almost as harrowing a wait as Heavy Rain, but we all got through it in the end, unfortunately there is a host of other very good games seeing release. Here's our pick of the releases this week.

L.A. Noire
Xbox 360, Playstation 3

After a long 5 year wait, L.A. Noire is finally here, and it's fantastic! If you are expecting Grand Theft Auto: 1947 then you best look elsewhere, this is a story driven, linear game that will have your detective juices flowing! Closer to Mafia II than anything else, if you don't mind watching slightly more than playing, you will be totally in your element.

Fable III

Fable III has finally made it to PC gamers, is anyone still interested? Well Lionhead know how to reel you in, because it has a new difficulty setting; Hardcore mode, and believe it or not it is worth the challenge! Whilst many will have already played Fable III on their Xbox 360's PC gamers should still give the game a go.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
Playstation 3

The fantastic No More Heroes has finally been brought to High Definition in the UK, whilst we didn't receive the reboot of the first game on the Xbox 360, it has finally made it's way to us on the Playstation 3. With a few little changes to the game, what better than give us the cult hit in HD, now I'm just going to sit here and wait for the Xbox 360 version...

Garbage Truck Simulator

This is one for those simulator fans out there, finally a Garbage Truck Simulator has made its way to the UK, you can now collect rubbish from the comfort of your own home, and it doesn't even stink the living room up! With a business portion alongside the actual driving this simulator is a lot of fun, similar to Bus Simulator 2

While I will be enjoying my weekend picking up a spot of rubbish, I couldn't see it get much better than a spot of interrogation in L.A. Noire, which is one title you really cannot miss, whilst it may not be everything that everyone expects, it is as gritty and hardboiled as they come, 1947 here I come! Will you be buying anything this week?