New Releases this week 08/04/11

If you're sick of your 3DS already, and hate the sunny weather there's a host of games out this week that will ensure a nice weekend in, we're still a bit thin on the ground, but wait for a fortnights time and you'll most definitely have your hands full. Here's our pick of the releases this week.

Tales of Monkey Island

If you speak to most adventure game fans out there, Tales of Monkey Island will be one series that they really wanted, but for some reason never got round to playing. Well Lace Mamba Global have gone to the trouble of releasing it in Europe just so all you lazy gamers could enjoy it. Not only that, but they are also releasing the Collector's Edition that was previously only available to order from America, it's worth it for the neat collectors box.

Brunswick Pro Bowling (Kinect compatible)
Xbox 360

As Grand Theft Auto assumed, everyone loves bowling, well it’s the hard fact that everyone does. Bowling games however are usually pinned to a specific crowd, losers or casual gamers. Now that a fully Kinect compatible game has come to Xbox 360, even I'm tempted. Boasting the most realistic and authentic bowling experience, picking up Brunswick will allow you to enjoy all the fun of bowling for less money, and less grease.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass
Nintendo DS

Despite the sexist pig that he is, people go crazy for Duke Nukem, and he's returning back to his basics in this new handheld title. Set across 28 action-packed levels with 3 difficulty settings -gosh this reads like the back of a megadrive game. Critical Mass contains five different ways to experience the game, with added co-op action it will keep you fans tided til the belated release of Forever.

Adam’s Venture 2: Solomon’s Secret

This is one third person adventure game with a twist, it has Christian values and teaches you them as you take Adam on a quest for the fabled Garden of Eden. Encountering fragments of the Bible and puzzles it really isn't as bad as it sounds, and is one Christian game that will not throw God in your face.

Driving Simulator 2011

Excalibur are the king of simulators in the UK, and driving collection is their newest game to hit the shelves, far greater than the poor predecessor Driving Simulator, 2011 features a variety of different transportations that you can cut your wheels on, including fast response police units, buses, heavy haulage, an ambulance or a racing car, its practically 5 simulators in one, or grand theft auto without the killing.

Why put it off any longer and pick up Tales of Monkey Island this week, or perhaps you were going to go out bowling for the weekend? Pick up Brunswick instead! Will you be buying anything this week?