New Releases this week 01/04/11

The Nintendo 3DS remains strong with another couple of releases, as well as the final release of Motorstorm Apocalypse which had a slight delayed release, and the return of Aya in Parasite Eve 3, its pretty slow on the ground at the moment, but the big games don't start releasing til May. Here's our pick of the releases this week.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
Nintendo 3DS

Combat of the Giants: Dinosaurs returns in glorious 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, this favourite with children across the globe is a bit like Primal Rage, but on the DS, and 3D. With 46 different dinosaurs to play with, it also makes use of Streetpass to collect and trade items with fellow users. The items are a new feature to the game, and unlock facts, playable characters and more.

Rabbids 3D
Nintendo 3DS

Rabbids return to your console in their first ever platforming title, get ready to conquer history in this 2D/3D side scrolling game that both children and adults can enjoy with the rabbids unique sense of humour. In 60 levels divided among 4 different time periods you'll be kicking, breaking blocks and generally making a mess of history as we know it.

Motorstorm Apocalypse
Playstation 3

Motorstorm returns in its third iteration, which was delayed slightly due to the disastrous earthquake in Japan. Apocalypse turns the need to win, into a fight for survival as you tear it up across The City. Get ready to race across the roofs of unstable skyscrapers, through ravaged buildings, darkened subways and over twisting bridges, all whilst jaw-dropping quakes tear the city apart in real time. Whether or not it is too soon for its release is up to your own discretion.

The Third Birthday
Playstation Portable

The Third Birthday marks the long awaited return of the Parasite Eve series, Aya Brea is back on the PSP with all new abilities in this unique RPG shooter. Hideous creatures descend on Manhattan, and reports from the ground refer to the life forms as ‘the twisted’. Parasite Eve was a fantastic series back in the day, and it's return sounds hopeful.

Mass Effect 2: The Arrival
Xbox 360, Windows, Playstation 3

Mass Effect 3 hits store this fall, so Bioware kindly provided one last piece of DLC to keep their fans happy until its release. With mixed reviews Arrival pits you against wave upon wave of enemy as you are forced to make some very tough and dire decisions that will undoubtedly shape your Mass Effect 3 experience.

So whether you want to save Manhattan, tear it up at The City or play a few more games on your 3DS you've got a little bit of choice this week, or perhaps you'll just stay in and finish off the final piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC. Will you be buying anything this week?