New Releases this week 29/10/10

Just encase Fallout: New Vegas isn't taking the rest of your known life away from you, there are plenty more games readily available for you this week, whether you’re into more casual games like the Sims or hugely anticipated epics like Fable III your prayers have been answered. Here’s a small selection of the multitude of games out this Friday!

Fable III
Xbox 360

It may have only been close to a year to the day that Fable II graced high street shelves, but low-and-behold the sequel is already out this week. With a tale of epic proportions and the chance to rule your own kingdom, Fable III is set to be the third person action title of the year. Sorry Enslaved, but your characters don't mumble about cheese in the quintessentially British manner that Fable does so well! That and the collector's edition looks smashing. However if you are wanting Fable III for PC you'll have to wait a while longer unfortunately.

The Sims 3: Late Night

It's been missing from the Sims 3 since they brought out the successful three-quel to the biggest PC title of all time. However finally in the Sims 3 your families will be able to hit the town, go on dates, and all the fun outdoor activities you could have them do in previous incarnations. Plus with Vampires and Paparazzi, EA ensure that the Sims will never be average, or boring ever again!

Super Scribblenauts
Nintendo DS

The sequel to the brilliantly simple Scribblenauts is hitting DS this Friday, get your vocabulary at the ready as you try and solve puzzles-a-plenty through the power of words. Super Scribblenauts comes with added adjectives, so expect stripy horses, polka-dot pigeons and more, plus with an improved physics engine and better controls, 5th Cell hope to ensure that players will feel more at home than they did with the original, in this ingenious DS title.

The Sims 3
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS

It’s snuck up on us all of a sudden, but finally you can earn achievements for your epically long Sims gaming sessions. Sims 3 for console is promised as the most alike console version to the PC-hit to date. We are not going to hesitate at all in trying out the Gamercast team in a little house on the Xbox 360, so why are you, you know you want to.

Deadly Premonition
Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition is the new marmite of gaming, some people will see it as the second-coming of the game world, and others will absolutely hate it to bits. With a mere RRP of £24.99 Deadly Premonition will not break the bank and it's looking to be quite the horror too, so be sure to pick it up if you are budgeting your spooky night-in for the Halloween weekend.

Ivy the Kiwi?
Nintendo Wii, DS

Yuji Naka returns with his first title not tied to Sonic or Sega! Ivy the Kiwi? forces the player to help the new-born Ivy; the Kiwi to return to their mother. With a control system that perfectly accentuates the Wii remote’s powerfulness across 100 different levels Ivy the Kiwi? is not your average platformer, across the two different formats there is promised to be very little differences, not to mention that there will soon be a shortened version available for WiiWare and DSiWare soon that will feature half the amount of levels just encase you are unsure whether it will be your bag.

Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare pack
Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN

You may have long forgotten about your well-loved copy of Red Dead Redemption but now's the time to dig it out! Undead Nightmare pack contains a new single player campaign that pits John Marston against a horde of zombie westerners, at only 800 MS Points (£7.99) you'll have a satisfyingly scary weekend full of zombie cougars and mystical beings. If you can wait there is a disc-version collecting all of the DLC that will be released next month.

With huge titles to choose from like Fable 3, Force Unleashed 2 and Rockband 3 your weekend has the possibility of being absolutely stuffed! However don't forget this weekend is Halloween, so be sure to get your scare on! What will you be buying this weekend?