New Releases this week 01/10/10

This week marks a slightly less impressive line up of games compared to last week. Here's our pick of the best releases this week.

Dead Rising 2

It may not have made release last week with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, but finally Dead Rising 2 is hitting the PC hard; the sequel to the million-unit selling classic Dead Rising, rather than stick you in a mall for three days Dead Rising 2 sees protagonist Chuck Greene in the strip of Still Creek for three days as he tries to protect his little girl. With more zombies on screen than ever and a host of combination weapons, Dead Rising 2 is fantastic and with its included multiplayer is definitely one that fans of arcade-action will need to pick up.

MySims SkyHeroes
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

A surprisingly enjoyable game joining this weeks lineup is My Sims Sky Heroes, think Pilotwings crossed with StarFox on the latest generation consoles, oh and everyone is speaking Simlish, if you can bring yourself to ignore the fact that it’s related to the sims, yes I'm talking to you judging James' out there, you'll actually find yourself having a lot of fun. Also with the Isaac Clarke and Commander Shepherd outfits available as DLC why wouldn't you want to give this cute little game a run for its money. The game is also available for Wii and Nintendo DS, however we cannot vouch for the quality of the title on these formats.

Literally All Formats

It’s the day most all shop assistants dread, the new Fifa is out this week that will spark mass non-gamer purchasing throughout the UK, granted its no big news for those of us who care not for gaming, but if you like your football then you're probably going to buy it anyway.

Final Fantasy XIV

Although the collector's edition of the highly anticipated MMORPG was released last week, this week sees the release of the standard edition. Generally your normal affair of Final Fantasy MMO action, you know if you're buying it or not, unfortunately we've fallen out with all MMORPG's and generally do not touch them these days.

While the weeks lineup may not be as strong as last week we a given a nice break to complete Dead Rising 2, and finish our seasons in F1 2010, are you buying anything this Friday?