Make the future in Naval War: Arctic Circle's mission editor

Make the future in Naval War: Arctic Circle's mission editor

It's the news that strategic fans were waiting for, the Naval War: Arctic Circle editor is now out, so open up those wallets and purchase the military strategy that you've been holding off on. With the game being available for the past couple of months Naval War: Arctic Circle proved that the true military strategy is not dead, and with a lot of mechanics long gone in the genre, the game from Turbo Tape Games sparked a revival for fans of games like Fleet Command.

The mission editor is a free addition to the game and allows fans to create new missions, and test the limits of your fellow admirals, and thanks to Steam Workshop it couldn't be easier to share your missions with other players!

To celebrate its release, a new trailer has also been released:

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>rctic Circle is a real time naval strategy set in the near future using accurate profiles of the Atlantic powers, their ships and aircraft. The new mission editor allows you to create your own missions that take place anywhere in the North Atlantic Ocean and share with your naval buddies.

Naval War: Arctic Circle is available now in all good stores and online retailers for the RRP of £14.99.