MYST is coming to the 3DS

MYST is coming to the 3DS

If there is one game that has literally had a million iterations it is the timeless MYST, having seen release on PC, Mac, Sega Saturn, Playstation, 3DO, Atari Jaguar CD, CD-i, AmigaOS, PSP, Nintendo DS, and iOS, apparently there is just not enough MYST in the world. Or so UK Publisher Funbox believe with the recent announcement that they will be releasing MYST on the Nintendo 3DS this summer.

Offering over 80 hours of immersive gameplay it is ideally suited to the platform and apparently 3D features really bring the game to life offering a new dimension to the classic, and you'll also get extra content with the RIME Age added to enhance the storyline.

If you are unfamilar with MYST, then you've probably never played a game in your life, as a true explorative adventure game you will need to solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and interact with items and objects to piece together the clues of the mysterious island.

What I want to know is if the books will be in 3D, because 3D full-motion video would be a killer for most players interested in the game. MYST will see release on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe June 2012.