Microsoft unveil Kinect for Xbox 360

Today Microsoft announced Kinect for Xbox 360, formally known as Project "Natal" this is the much anticipated controller-less controller for Xbox 360 that was first announced at E3 2009.

Using a couple of cameras it utilises your entire body as the controller, while also sporting voice and facial recognition.

Being released later this year it will compete head to head against the PlayStation Move, a controller resembling the Wii remote.

Five games were demonstrated to the press earlier today:

  • Kinect Sports, which as you can guess is similar to Wii Sports.
  • Kinect Adventures, which is made up of 20 or so mini-games.
  • Dance Central, possibly the best dancing game so far?
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, similar to the Wii version
  • Joy Ride, an avatar-based racing game.

It will be released this November worldwide. Hopefully we'll see a little bit more at Microsoft's press conference. Microsoft need to demonstrate more games if they intend to make this appeal to the console's existing user base. Let's face it, the games demonstrated earlier today are very Wii-like.