Merlin: The Game is now in open beta

Merlin: The Game is now in open beta

If you have been waiting to set foot in the fantastical world of Camelot after having watched Merlin on BBC1 since 2008 then you will be happy to hear it is available on Facebook in game format as it's now in open beta.

The highly anticipated Merlin: The Game is available to everyone through Facebook, this means there is no big downloads of installation processes to go through, all you need to do is click. It is a big step in social games as Merlin: The Game will be introducing co-operative, real-time, and role-playing gameplay to a market that is suffocated by Farmville and similar clones.

Developed by the award winning Bossa Studios, Merlin: The Game is their second Facebook game and you give it a go from here while also checking out a few more images of the game.

So if you're a fan of Merlin go check it out right away, you might even find out that some of your friends are playing it.