There's lots of Nintendo love at MCM Expo Manchester

There's lots of Nintendo love at MCM Expo Manchester

Usual attendees will know that the MCM Expo is always a great place to go play Nintendo's upcoming and recently released games. Well they aren't disappointing anyone who goes to MCM Expo Manchester this weekend as there's a whole host of Nintendo goodness available for you to play.

Not only will they have the first ever UK showing of Pokémon Conquest but it will be playable on the new Nintendo 3DS XL handheld instead of the standard 3DS, in advance of the console's release which is just under a week later on July 28th. Along with Pokémon you'll be able to get your hands on New Super Mario Bros. 2 as well as a selection of the latest releases to try out on the 3DS XL to tempt you over to the 90% larger screen iteration of the handheld.

Also for any Kid Icarus fans out there they've pulled together a swap shop for anyone wanting to trade their AR Idol cards, and of course a battle table set up so you can kick some butt, or test out your new cards. Also during the show you'll be able to win Kid Icarus AR cards at the Expo, however the details on how to win these have not been announced yet.

The most exciting news is that for anyone who’s looking forward to MCM for some street passing action, Nintendo are holding an exclusive "XL Mii Hunt" where they're encouraging people to explore the whole venue to find five Mii's which have XL features. Anyone who finds all five will then be able to win a Super Mario 3D Land lanyard as a prize for your excellent Mii Hunting.

So if you’re about in the midlands why not pop over to the Manchester MCM Expo on July 21st to check out some new games, cosplayers, guests and of course what the stalls have for sale.