Wizards + Guns = Magicka Vietnam

There’s a lot of strange mixes that work very well, like Marmite and cheese, or chocolate and bacon, well what about Wizards and Vietnam?

Arrowhead Studios the small but stupendous team behind the recently released Magicka have announced that they will be delving into the realm of expansions with their alchemy based action title. However their first title will not be exactly what you expected of the fantasy-driven magical gib-em-up.

Magicka: Vietnam will answer the age-long question what would happen if there were wizards roaming the jungles of war-torn Vietnam. Delivering even more over-the-top action players will be able to bring peace and stability by blowing stuff up as many 80s action stars have done before them.

Magicka: Vietnam is not an April Fools Day joke, it sort of reminds us of Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue to be honest; which is sort of set in a Vietnam-esque location... interesting. Magicka Vietnam is soon to be released on a variety of distribution channels as an expansion pack for the first game.

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