Magicka: The Stars are Left released

The terrifying new expansion to Magicka, The Stars are Left has just been released, this new expansion includes a lovingly crafted Lovecraftian horror-mystery campaign, so expect tentacled beings, a good bit of insanity, and some intellectual horror, just in time for Christmas...

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>cka: The Stars are Left is released just in time for users to experience the overhauled game engine that has updated the whole game. As with all additional content for Magicka, you require a copy of Magicka to play the expansion, however if you are playing with a friend, only one of you has to own it!

The Stars are Left is available now on all popular digital distribution channels including Gamersgate and Steam for £3.99. Everyone loves a healthy scoop of H.P Lovecraft, so why not have a bite of Magicka!