Mafia II Collector's Edition unboxing

A game that has been on the Gamercast radar for a while now is Mafia II the sequel to the 2k Czech (formally known as Illusion Softworks) title released back in 2002. The second that a collector's edition was announced I jumped straight on it and pre-ordered it in my local game store. Only to find out however they had pre-ordered me a standard edition. So then a few days after release I managed to pick up the fabled collector's edition for £49.99.

Mafia II follows the story of Italian American Vito Scaletta and his story to becoming a made man, set in the 1940s in Empire Bay the city is your oyster and you must play out Vito's story. Being set in the 1940s it is of course stylised to suit the time, and this is portrayed nicely in the collector's edition on the map and inside the art book.

If you want to see what's included in the collector's edition check out our video below.

The collector's edition can be found on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in most stores and has a retail price of around £59.99.