Tend to your city in the world of Caledonia

Lord of Ultima is a new browser-based online strategy game set within the Ultima Universe, which is available for free, and is designed for everyone, ensuring that newcomers to the strategy genre or diehard fans will feel welcome, and strive in the world of Caledonia where players can either choose the path of peace and focus on economy, or become a conqueror and build a castle, waging war on enemy cities with their mighty armies.

Developed by EA Phenomic, the game plays really effectively, much like EVE Online and works around real-time, with construction of buildings taking around mere seconds and the recruitment of men taking a few minutes, the gathering of resources happens at a rate per hour, so that you can’t just tire the game out, and for the first week of playing you are protected from attack by other cities. The game is actually real good fun, and caters to those that enjoy time-based facebook games and strategy games such as Age of Empires, the ability to simply focus on economy rather than battles is a god-send for gamers that don’t necessarily want to fight each other!

The World of Caledonia is absolutely huge, with over 15 types of infantry to recruit, as well as dungeons to send your men on expenditions to, Lord of Ultima will have you hooked for weeks, and checking back every hour or so to see how your city is doing.

Lord of Ultima is a free-to-play MTX browser-based game, no download or installation is required, nor to players need to register, it is currently available in English and German and is available to play now, please note however that an internet connection is required, and if you wish to go back and forth to your town you will need to register, but you can just use your EA account to do so. You can give the game a go here, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be hooked instantly!

With aesthetics that scream Age of Empires to me, and the gameplay of addictive facebook games, Lord of Ultima is fun, addictive and absolutely inspired, strategy gamers will find a fix of casual strategy that can be accomplished anywhere with a functioning browser, and is far better than Evony, especially as EA have not resorted to soft-core ad campaigns. Definitely deserves a 4/5 if it were set to play on a small screen resolution such as my netbook I'd be playing it all of the time!

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got the city of Gamercast to tend to.

Update: If you're joining World 4, we've got an alliance of Gamercast mainly on continent 22 but we've got members all over, send a message to daSmirnov for an invite.