Have a look at Lifeless Planet, a new Sci-Fi exploration game

Have a look at Lifeless Planet, a new Sci-Fi exploration game

Lace Mamba Global have today announced that they're going to release a new and exciting independent game Lifeless Planet.

Lifeless Planet is an action adventure game developed by David Board and with the help of Stage 2 Studios a game was created that originally started as a Kickstarter project which has since grown larger with Lace Mamba Global agreeing to publish the game.

The game itself has a really exciting premise and helps create a nice alternate version of real world events. Taking place close to the space race where the Soviets were competing with the Americans to successfully travel up into space, plus there aren't enough games set in space and on distant planets!

During the Cold War, billions of Dollars and Rubles were pumped into numerous space missions, achieving extraordinary science milestones, and climaxing in the success of multiple moon missions. But was that really as far as mankind could reach? What if someone secretly and successfully sent a manned mission to a distant world? What if the Soviet Union achieved much more than we have been lead to believe?

In this distant planet you're stranded after a rough landing which ended with you being separated from your crew, all that's around is barren wasteland, your crew are nowhere to be found and your oxygen tank is leaking. Your only hope is to explore and try to find your friends and a way to survive, while finding answers to exactly what's going on with the planet.

Lifeless Planet could be a really exciting game and especially after watching the trailer I'm excited about it. It gave me the feeling of Journey but in space with a massive touch of science fiction so I only hope it lives up to my assumptions.

Lifeless Planet currently has a pencilled in date of the fourth quarter of 2012 with a digital and retail release for Windows, we only hope that more information is given soon as I for one can't wait to see what the final game is going to look like.