E3 2012: Lifeless Planet receives a new E3 Trailer

E3 2012: Lifeless Planet receives a new E3 Trailer

A game announced a few months back that I'm very excited about is Lifeless Planet an upcoming release from Lace Mamba Global.

Back in March there was only the original announcement trailer to watch, and it didn't really explain what you'd be doing in the game other than a lot of walking and discovering what you've stumbled apon, it felt like a trailer trying to explain what the experience would entail but left you wanting more.

Just in time for E3 Stage 2 Studios and Lace Mamba Global have released a new trailer which shows some interesting hauntingly quiet environments showing the astronaut exploring the land. You even get to see a little reduced gravity jumping action as well as the inclusion of a flashlight as a tool. Along with a few different types of environment including enclosed spaces, high up areas and desert like expanses.

The environments really help give a sense of isolation by having such a far off camera and with not much around but space dust. It's also noticeable that they've added a slight blur around the screen which creates a great visual style for the game.

Lifeless Planet is currently scheduled for release in Q4 of 2012 on Windows digital and via retail and we can't wait to give it a play.

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