Are you ready for some Muppets with that Sackboy?

Media Molecule have now released a new premium level pack following on from their two recent Muppet themed costume packs, well now you can look forward to another new costume, levels, materials, decorations and much more.

The Muppet Premium Level Kit contains the following:

  • Rowlf Costume
  • 5 Brand new The Muppets themed Levels
  • A new material, "Attract-O-Gel", allowing Sackboy to walk on walls!
  • A new level background
  • 13 Materials
  • 49 Decorations
  • 4 Objects
  • 18 Audio & Music Objects
  • 219 Stickers
  • 7 brand new PlayStation Trophies

You can get all this sensational, inspriational, celebrational, Muppetational kit for a tiny £4.79. The most exciting piece of the DLC is the Attact-O-Gel which paves a whole new way for level creation, we can't wait to see what kind of things you can create with it.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that all the awesome Little Big Planet DLC will also be available for Little Big Planet when it’s released on the Playstation Vita at some point this year, but I'm sure we'll find out all the details when they let more known.