Get ready for some L.A. Noire DLC

The toughest time with L.A. Noire was had right after they had announced the game would be available to pre-order in stores. We had the money ready, but we were not prepared to make the decision regarding our purchase with two packs of bonus DLC at stake.

To order from GAME or to order from; The Naked City or A Slip of the Tongue, thanks to Rockstar the difficult decision was made a lot easier when they announced that the DLC would all be available to purchase after the game was released... oh, but that’s what they said about The War Horse and the Deadly Assassin Outfit.

However, Rockstar Games are a developer of their word and they have now listed all of the upcoming DLC, as well as the details on the pre-order DLC that some of you fans are waiting for;

"Chicago Lightning" Detective Suit (Free via the Social Club)
"Chicago Piano" Machine Gun (Free)
L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass (£7.19 PSN / 800 MS Points until June 14th)
"The Naked City" Vice Desk Case (£3.19 PSN / 320 MS Points)
"A Slip of The Tongue" Traffic Desk Case (£3.19 PSN / 320 MS Points)
The Badge Pursuit Challenge (£1.59 PSN / 160 MS Points)
"The Broderick" Detective Suit (£0.79 PSN / 80 MS Points)
"The Sharpshooter" Detective Suit (£0.79 PSN / 80 MS Points)

The L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass is sort of an EA premium DLC license if you will, and when you purchase it for a discounted price of 800 Microsoft Points or £7.19 on the PSN you will have access to all of the upcoming downloadable content as soon as it comes available, which will save you around 400 MS Points if you purchased your copy from GAME like we did.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>n, this summer you can look forward to two brand new DLC cases; Nicholson Electroplating, a new Arson case, and Reefer Madness, a new Vice case.

Available June 21st
"Nicholson Electroplating" Arson Desk Case (£3.19 PSN / 320 MS Points)

Available July 12th
"Reefer Madness" Vice Desk Case (£3.19 PSN / 320 MS Points)

Whilst its only two DLC packs, hopefully Rockstar have got a little more up their sleeve in store for one of the most stylish, and enthralling games of the year.