Add +1 to your Knights of Pen & Paper

Add +1 to your Knights of Pen & Paper

Paradox Interactive aren’t shy and their second announcement of GDC has come of a bit of surprise, no it’s not a grand strategy, but a unique mobile meta-RPG that you may have heard of called Knights of Pen & Paper, Paradox are bringing the game to PC, Mac and Linux in a new +1 Edition, and if you watch the trailer for the game, you’ll be shocked at why you haven’t heard of this brilliant little game before!

The +1 Edition will include new features, improvements and content, with of course the main focus being the shift to PC platforms, fret not fans of the original, you’ll be able to enjoy all the new content as the game will be launching on Android and iOS as well.

As a finalist in this year’s Independent Games Festival, Knights of Pen & Paper is the collaboration of students from a couple of institutes in Brazil and allows players to control the players of a pen and paper roleplaying game at the Dungeon Master’s table. At the table players can go on adventures and full campaigns with others, boost their characters and improve the quality of their snacks, table and sourcebooks, you can even have a squabble with the DM, just like a real campaign!

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition is scheduled to launch across PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS in Q2 2013.