Flying Wild Hog don't just make shooters, check out their new project Juju!

Flying Wild Hog the developers behind the cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset and more recently Shadow Warrior have unveiled their latest title; JUJU a classic 2D platformer for all ages!

There's no bullets or blood in site with this family friendly game that features two-player cooperative play with the shaman panda Juju and his lizard sidekick Peyo as they embark on a journey to save Juju's father.

The wonderfully colourful Juju

Promised in JUJU is a vibrant world that will leave players with smiling faces as they venture through animated landscapes and come face-to-face with dangerous foes and humongous bosses. Can you save the world with this unlikely team?

JUJU is scheduled for a release this fall on PC and consoles this Fall 2014, for more information be sure to check out the official website.

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