Get ready to embark on an epic Journey

For those with a Playstation 3 two must have games to buy off the Playstation Network are flOw and Flower two games which were brought to us by the stunning thatgamecompany. Their fourth title Journey is now in development and continuing in the same style of their previous titles intends to deliver simple gameplay and easy controls which then sit inside a rich environment which will once again hope to engage with the player to create an emotional response as this is of course Jenova Chen's goal in games.

Journey awakens the player in an unknown world, with the ability to walk, glide and fly through the vast landscape, while exploring the player will be discovering the history of an ancient, mysterious civilization. One big factor in the game however is that you can choose to play the main story online, as the protagonist you can encounter strangers who may cross your path. Then allowing you the choice to get as far away from this stranger as possible, or to travel around together and re-shape the gameplay experience, promising to make memorable moments.

Set almost completely (from what we can see) in the desert, it boasts dynamic sand in realistically simulated sand dunes, sand ripples and sliding when the sand is too steep for the player.

Journey is set for release at some point during 2011 and will once again be a PSN exclusive; this is one PSN title I will definitely be keeping an eye on as I'm certain thatgamecompany will create another emotional and engaging experience.