Joe Danger is blasting onto the Xbox 360

The friendly people at Hello Games have announced that Playstation 3 owner’s favourite stuntman Joe Danger will be finally blasting his way onto the Xbox Live Arcade just in time for the holidays.

Speaking earlier today founder Sean Murray, said; “We’re stupidly excited to be coming to XBLA, it’s frankly the most exciting day in Hello Games history so far. It's such an amazing opportunity for us to finally be able to reach all those millions of beautiful XBLA gamers. My brother has a 360, and he says he'll buy it for sure. Well, he promised he'll download the Trial at least.”

The critically acclaimed Joe Danger will be headed to the Xbox 360 with a Special Edition; featuring huge additions and improvements exclusively for its potential Microsoft fans. With practically a whole game’s worth of new content, players will be able to enjoy all new challenges, gameplay modes and some fantastic playable characters to unlock, as well as the Laboratory; a sort of master class that will separate the true stuntmen from the boys.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>The Joe Danger Special Edition will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade just in time for the holidays, and Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be released sometime next year, and the small uprising indie developers have another two unannounced titles in the works.