Joe Danger Santa DLC on its way

With Joe Danger: Special Edition released on Wednesday, the guys at Hello Games did not feel it was enough of a Christmas present to Xbox 360 users, so they have revealed their Santa DLC pack that will be available absolutely free via the XBLA on December 21st!

The pack gives you Santa Danger, and a new vehicle; the Quadbike! No, it isn't just a re-skin, the Quadbike’s controls and handling are very different to the stunt bikes so you’ll have to relearn each level with the far faster, and bouncy ATV for even more stunt fun.

The Santa DLC pack will not be hanging around long, and it’ll be gone when Christmas is over, after all even Santa Danger can only be seen during Christmas! So snap up this free DLC as soon as it is released December 21st!

After becoming the highest rated XBLA game of 2011 having been released for just two days! If you haven't picked it up already Joe Danger: Special Edition is available now from the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS Points, there's even a free trial up there too!