Joe Danger 2: The Movie review: A cracking good time

Joe Danger 2: The Movie review: A cracking good time

Games like Joe Danger 2: The Movie aren't released every day, they're the special little nuggets that you see once every few months that really show the thought and creativity that go into games development these days. Joe Danger 2 is the third release from Guildford based developer Hello Games and potentially the final in Joe Danger's story.

Joe Danger 2 looks quite similar to it's predecessor Joe Danger, being a sequel this is expected, but there is a massive difference between the two. The sequel takes place on a much grander and epic scale from the original. The levels feel more alive and take place across dramatic landscapes while Joe drives a larger array of more exotic vehicles.

For those that are new to Joe Danger think of it as Trials HD but for those that like to look at something more appealing and cute visually. The controls are very simple, the only thing you need to remember other than to use the analogue stick to move is that X will allow you to duck and jump which on the more difficult levels is your life saver. You also have a boost on A which relies upon your boost meter. The meter fills up a little whenever you perform a trick, be it a superman, a simple 360 or a quick wheelie.

The brilliance of Joe Danger 2 is that the difficulty curve feels near perfect within the main story mode of the game, making it relaxing and challenging for those who don't live life on the edge. However if you love a challenge that leaves you swearing and pressing retry just as you knew you screwed up, then the Deleted Scenes are just what you want. It leaves you with an emotional attachment that stops you from quitting but the frustration knowing you were almost there.

Joe Danger Special Edition featured a toolset for creating your own levels, it's back in Joe Danger 2 but there has been an overhaul making it better in every aspect, now you can share your levels to all other players of Joe Danger 2, as previously the only way to have someone play your marvellous creation was if you had a friend to share it with. You're also presented with a larger array of level pieces that you can use giving you a much more solid feeling level creation kit, which is really what would have made Joe Danger Special Edition perfect, so it's great that Hello Games managed to accomplish it for their sequel.

From just looking at Joe Danger 2 or watching the intro to the game you can easily see that one of the things that Hello Games have focused on is polish, from the details in the environment to the sound effects and music everything feels like it's only been left in the game as long as they were happy with it. One unmistakably addictive and brilliant piece of Joe Danger 2 is the music, the original had some great tracks and the sequel is no different, you'll be humming away at the music after playing and then humming along while playing them too.

One of the strangest and what feels like best additions to Joe Danger 2 is the ghosts of others who are currently playing or have played the level you select. It adds a lot more life to the single player sections of the game, giving you some competition that is shown as a small coloured ghostly blob, presenting you more of a reason to speed through the level as quickly as you can. However it's also great to show you the way to go to find collectables or a shortcut when you watch them all head backwards or in a certain direction when on a jet pack.

Sadly once again the multiplayer is local only, meaning if like me a large portion of your friends live miles away then you're not able to take part in the craziness that is full on four player action with cupcakes, bears, knights, motorbike racers, Joe or a whole host of other hilarious characters darting around punching you off your vehicle.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is one of the most enjoyable sidescrolling racing games out there, and there aren't many games left where you can hop aboard a unicycle, it's moments like these where Joe Danger 2 shines and stands out among all the other games out there, really making you appreciate it.

five stars

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is currently available for Xbox Live Arcade for a reasonable 1200 Microsoft Points so pop on there now and give it a go. Or you could always pick up Joe Danger 2 on Playstation 3 for £9.99. I urge you to give Hello Games your time, and we can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeves next!