Jet Set Radio for the Nintendo DS!

My apologies for those who may have gotten very excited at the prospect of a new Jet Set Radio game. The reason for the name of the post is that I have created a mini game in WarioWare DIY similar to Jet Set Radio (taking the graffiti aspect and translating it to a very short mini-game) which was a contribution to the Jet Set Radio 10th anniversary.

For any of those that listened to Episode 207 of the podcast you would know that I've done some dabbling about in WarioWare DIY on the Nintendo DS, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I highly recommend WarioWare DIY, especially for those wanting to have a go at making games! (It still has the usual WarioWare mini games you can play) WarioWare DIY is a cheap way of getting your head around how games can be made (of course most games you pick up off the shelf in game stores are much longer than 3 seconds) allowing a lot of creativity.

So to get an idea of what you can create with the tools I've put together a video showing off my Jet Set Radio game.

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And here's to hoping Jet Set Radio will get re-released on XBLA.