Jagged Alliance: Back in Action patch 1.13 is live!

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action patch 1.13 is live!

You may have recently read our review of the addictive tactical roleplaying game Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, well we fell in love with the game, and without playing the original Jagged Alliance 2 we weren't sure what everyone had a problem with.

Well to address some of the issues in Back in Action, the developers at bitComposer have released the awaited 1.13 patch that puts in a lot of what fans were bemoaning about the game, personally a developer should never have to sway to the will of fans, but Mass Effect 3 will be adding onto the ending, so these days anything is possible.

For a short introduction at the changes into the patch, and why Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is now the perfect example of a tactical roleplaying game, check out this particularly informative video from Add Me Gamers.

However if you just want to read the important parts of the changelog, read on.

Added Features
- Added hard difficulty level as option on game start. Modifies enemy strength, income and starting funds.
- Added tactical mode as option on game start; enemies have to be revealed via line of sight in tactical mode, and sound sources are marked in tactical view as well as on the minimap.

- Added two new achievements for tactical mode and higher difficulty.
- Added option to level recruited militia up via the location UI on the world map.
- Added options to distribute militia via location UI. (evenly across all combat zones, focused on a single combat zone)
- Added sector inventory, accessible via Character Detail Screen.

- Added item exchange via Drag & Drop in Character Details Screen. Illegible mercs are marked red.
- Within hostile sectors mercs need to be within 5m distance to be able to exchange items.
- Stamina is reduced when returning to the strategic map when squads travelled great distances in the tactical view.
- NPC Traders restock their inventory over time.
- Targeting line indicates best range of weapon and chance to hit via color from green (good) to red. (bad)
- Camera scrolling possible by moving the cursor to the border of the screen in fullscreen mode.
- Added Sound FX for melee attacks.
- Putting away a fire arm for non-combat actions (e.g. heal) will no longer reset the firemode of the weapon.
- Added scrollbar in mail list window.
- Added trash can icon to delete mail to mail window.

The full changelog including bug fixes can be seen here, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is available now in all good retailers and online distribution channels for £29.99, it is one of the most addictive, and challenging tactical RPG's we've played in yonks, and with this new patch, a lot of fans of the original are sure to flock its way.