Want some new Jagged Alliance? How about the classics too!

Want some new Jagged Alliance? How about the classics too!

The developers at Full Control who recently began a Kickstarter campaign for their reset of the Jagged Alliance series have just sweetened the deal with a partnership with Humble Bundle. Each backer that contributes over $5 will receive a collection of Jagged Alliance titles including Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Jagged Alliance 2 and Jagged Alliance: Unfinished Business, all with Windows 7 support!

“We are excited to be able to offer our Kickstarter supporters this valuable, limited edition Classic Pack to keep them entertained during the full development phase of Jagged Alliance: Flashback”, said Thomas Lund, CEO of Full Control. “Humble Bundle is a great partner, and we are grateful for their support during the funding phase of what we know will be an excellent addition to the Jagged Alliance brand”.

Set in the mid-1980’s on the Caribbean Island of San Christobal, Jagged Alliance: Flashback takes players back in time to the cold war to experience the events surrounding the foundation of A.I.M. and their mission to re-stablise the balance of power on the Island after a fanatical U.S.S.R General establishes a military base right under the nose of the U.S.

Featuring the deep strategy, action and character RPG elements of the original, the Kickstarter campaign will allow fans the opportunity to directly influence the shape of the game and participate during its development. As usual a physical copy of the game is available, and if you can't stop yourself from getting a copy it'll set you back $150 which not only gets you the collector's edition but also a mercenary quote in the game, a t-shirt, a digital artbook, soundtrack and more!

With over $100,000 made in seven days, the campaign looks to be going really well, and with all four classics on offer for just $5 you've no reason not to pledge! Make it $25 and you'll secure a copy of the new game!

Go on! As if you don’t support enough Kickstarter projects, help bring another classic back to the spotlight.