Gamercast Interview Zoetrope Interactive on Darkness Within: The Dark Lineage

Some readers may recall us announcing the date for Darkness Within 2, well we have had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the developers at Zoetrope Interactive, who, based in Istanbul have a team of three, and successfully launched their first game Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder three years ago back in 2007, their upcoming game Darkness Within: Dark Lineage is a direct sequel of their original game, however in three years they have worked extremely hard to improve upon their original engine and story. Here is our interview with one of the developers Onur Samli;

Gamercast: With such a beautiful and compelling game (Darkness Within) under your belt already it is surprising that Zoetrope Interactive are such a small team, how do you cope with making such high quality titles with so few people?

Onur: Actually it’s very advantageous to be a small team, since only one person is interested in one aspect of the game (like programming, music or level design…). This provides stability and earns us a lot of time to work more efficiently. If you’re a big team, communication and project planning becomes a big issue and you need to spend a lot of time making meetings and documentation. We hop over this phase and focus on the quality of our game. On the other hand, your responsibility increases and absence of one member can greatly hamper your job. Also, you may need to sacrifice extra time from your social life!

GC: Considering you have made two Lovecraftian titles, are you big fans of HP Lovecraft, does he have a big following in Turkey?

O: Yes, we are big fans! But I’m afraid I can’t say he has a big fan-base in Turkey.

GC: You used your own proprietary engine CPAGE for The Pursuit of Loath Nolder, will you be reusing the engine again? Have you made improvements?

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