Pick your Van Helsing

Pick your Van Helsing

When the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was teased to the world back in June a few of you were a little hostile towards to design and aesthetic of the young adventurer. After long debates, he has regrettably left the story to make way for a new Van Helsing, so developers NeocoreGames have called for auditions, it’s down to three tough heroes, and they want your opinion.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>rtunately the floppy-hated adventurer was a little too young for the task, however, if you head over to the NeocoreGames blog, you can vote for your favourite out of the three that feel themselves up to the task.

The game follows Van Helsing; the son of Van Helsing to Borgovia where an evil scourge is terrorising the ravaged Eastern European city, much to the dismay of Dracula himself! Its assortment of extraordinary characters, engrossing storyline and a beautifully dark and gothic style is what NeocoreGames hope will set it apart from similar contenders; we just can't wait to see more of the humorous storyline.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is currently scheduled for a release on PC and XBLA.