House of the Dead 4 is finally coming to a console near you!

SEGA today announced some news that will make all House of the Dead fans shout in joy. Not only are they bringing the originally Xbox and Arcade exclusive House of the Dead 3 to the Playstation Network. They're also going to release House of the Dead 4 for the first time to consoles by also bringing it to the PSN.

House of the Dead is one of the longest standing arcade shooters still alive and is still of course one of the most popular with its large array of different guns for the different games in the arcades, plus of course zombies are always a massive pull.

"The House of the Dead has always been one of SEGA's most popular series, and over the years we have worked hard to bring that full arcade experience to console owners," said Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. "The abilities of the PlayStation 3, as well as PlayStation Move, have let us get closer than ever before. The only thing these titles are missing is a need for quarters."

House of the Dead 3 promises to have been updated with HD graphics, trophies and Playstation Move support to give players as close as an experience as they'd get in the arcades. Of course that is minus the pump action shotgun. Should you wish, or you don't own a move controller you can still play it with a standard controller, but it just won't be the same.

I for one am looking forward to a console release of House of the Dead 4, as reloading the Uzi's in the arcade always killed my wrists whenever I played it, so the integration of a move controller for gameplay will be a great asset to play the game without getting insanely tired.

House of the Dead 3 is set for release on February 7th on the Playstation Network, and House of the Dead 4 will follow behind shortly in the spring, no prices have been announced yet but we're sure they'll surface soon.