Check out the new trailer for Heaven's Hope

Check out the new trailer for Heaven's Hope

After two years of silence independent developers Mosiac Mask Studio have confirmed that they are resuming development on their comedic adventure game Heaven's Hope for PC and Mac, and they've released a new trailer too!

Heaven's Hope is a fairytale adventure that puts you in the shoes of the apprentice angel Talorel who collides with a flying object that leads him to crash down to 19th century Earth near the town of Heaven's Hope. There's a problem though, your accident could get you cast out of flying academy, however accompanied by your best friends Myriel and Azael you might just be able to make your way back up to Heaven in time for the final exam. However nothing is quite that simple, because Heaven's Hope is currently under control of the Spanish Inquisition who aren't prepared to let you get back.

Heaven's Hope is a 2.5D point and click adventure full of quaint characters, unusual environments and extraordinary puzzles as you help Talorel and his companions fight the Inquisition, cope with human laws, and creatures in a lovingly hand-drawn world.

Heaven's Hope is scheduled for a release during Q4 2014 for PC and Mac and will be localised in both English and German.