Hearts of Iron IV announced from Paradox Development Studio

Hearts of Iron IV announced from Paradox Development Studio

The second game announced at the Paradox Interactive Convention was yet another game in the works at the illustrious Paradox Development Studio, one that many a fan will be excited to hear; Hearts of Iron IV.

To be fair, it had to be coming, with the release of Crusader Kings II followed by Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron IV was undoubtedly on the cards. In Hearts of Iron IV strategy fans will discover the most authentic real-time simulation of World War II to date, with period-accurate armies, vehicles and weapons, those interested in the time in history will have more than enough to work with in this incredibly grand strategy.

In Hearts of Iron IV your diplomatic and trade tactics mean a lot as you attempt to relive or rewrite history from the perspective of a global superpower, or perhaps just a small nation trying to survive, think of it like Paradox Development Studio's other grand strategies but set during a very specific time frame.

There's not much to go on now, but I'm sure we can expect details on the new features as well as a speculative release date to drip through the pipeline soon.