Haunt available now for Xbox Kinect

This newly released Kinect title is one that slipped past our radar; Haunt is a brand new collaboration between Zoë Mode and NaNa-On Sha, the renowned creators of Parappa the Rapper and many other rhythm based games.

Haunt is unique and uses full body control, with one hand used exclusively for your flashlight, the other is utilised for other actions such as opening doors.

However what is most impressive about Haunt is its emphasis on the full use of your body; you'll need to cover your ears from the scream of a banshee, or duck from oncoming flying objects.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>t is available now exclusively from the Xbox Live Arcade and requires Kinect for play, at only 800 Microsoft Points it is yet another innovative Arcade Kinect title to add to your games library.