Get the Grand Bazaar up and running in Harvest Moon

We've been awaiting this news since last Summer, but Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is finally getting a release in the UK, thanks to Rising Star Games. Grand Bazaar is the newest title in the Harvest Moon series, and saw release in the US back in August last year and features an all new bazaar system alongside improved farming and relationship mechanics.

The story continues in Zephyr Town where there was once a world famous bazaar where shoppers would venture from distant lands to purchase goods. However after many years the bazaar has fallen into disrepair and very few visitors gather weekly. After having just moved to Zephyr Town to take over the run-down farm on the outskirts of town, perhaps your hard work can revitalise the town's bazaar to become great once more.

With ten new characters, new crops, pets, and a jump feature, players will also be able to connect with friends over Wi-Fi. Your friends can shop at your bazaar, help out with a spot of farming, or go fishing in your streams. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is heading to the PAL market for the Nintendo DS in 2011, I can't wait for it.