You played Halo: Reach for how long?!

Halo fans around the world rejoice as Halo: Reach is finally announced to be released worldwide on 14th September 2010, just under a week ago the multiplayer beta ended where more than 2.7 million fans participated, more than triple the size of the Halo 3 beta, and over 13 million online games were completed, with players logging over 16 million hours of gameplay, apparently the equivalent of over 1,826 years of total play time in just over two weeks.

Halo: Reach follows the story of the Noble Team, a squad of Spartan soldiers as they make the final stand on Reach, humanity’s last line of defence between the Covenant and Earth, the all new multiplayer experience is what everyone is anticipating when it is released September 14th exclusively for Xbox 360, you can already pre-order the standard, limited and legendary editions that we previously posted about for £49.99, £59.99 and £99.99 respectively. We know which version we’re getting, what about you?