Check out the Halo 4 limited edition console

Did you pass up on the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach limited edition Xbox 360 consoles? Well if you did or if you're an avid Halo fan maybe you'd like to buy this fine specimen. As you would expect it's a slim design Xbox 360, sporting an adequate 320GB hard drive with two controllers and a copy of Halo 4.


  • Custom Designed Console
  • Custom Halo 4 Wireless Controllers with Blue LED lights and a transforming D-pad
  • 320GB HDD
  • Halo 4 Standard Edition Game
  • Xbox LIVE code for bonus Halo 4 downloadable content for the game and your avatar
  • Wired Headset
  • Custom sounds when the console is turned on and when the Eject button is pushed

You can currently pre-order the console from GAME's website for £269.99 and you can expect to see this limited edition launched alongside Halo 4's release on November 4th this year.

As well as the console you will be able to order a different style of controller that is sold individually and will be available from October. Of course the news most of us were waiting for is the Legendary edition to accompany Halo 4 and continue the Legendary streak that has accompanied the big Halo releases, however sadly it seems 343 are not intending on releasing one.

Comment from: MrXBob [Visitor]
4 stars

343 Already said there will be no Legendary Edition of Halo 4 - they said it in the same post where they announced the Limited Edition version on the official Halo site.

They said they wanted to concentrate on the game and only one collectors edition so that fans wouldn't have to pick and choose what they wanted to spend their money on, instead having one complete edition.

17th July 2012 @ 12:51
Comment from: [Member]

Jeez! Thanks for the info MrXBob, I'd been looking forward to picking up another legendary to go with my others :(

I'm not a fan of their current collector's edition, I wanted something more epic :(

17th July 2012 @ 12:54
Comment from: MrXBob [Visitor]

Yeah totally agreed, after H3 and Reach's Legendary editions, Halo 4 seems really boring. Still getting it though, like the fool I am :(

17th July 2012 @ 13:39

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