Did you miss Hail to the Chief week for Saints Row IV?

Did you miss Hail to the Chief week for Saints Row IV?

You may not be aware but last week was Saints Row IV: Hail to the Chief week... what does that mean? That means short trailers galore! Developers Volition and publishers Deep Silver want to make you aware that absolutely anything is possible in the huge open world of virtual Steelport which includes superpowers, incredible vehicles and an arsenal of weapons that are literally out of this world!

Check out the most recent of the four video series that shows off the bounce rifle; if you like what you see stick around for the end of the video for links to the previous 3 Hail to the Chief teasers.

In Saints Row IV the head of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States, however a catastrophic alien invasion transports the gang to a bizarro-Steelport that you will have to escape whilst defending yourself from the invading alien empire the Zin with superhuman powers and an arsenal of alien weaponry.

With more ridiculous crazy action, enhanced customisation, and the ability to leap over buildings, outrun cars and send enemies flying with telekinetic powers it is set to be the most insane instalment of the Saints Row series yet!

Saints Row IV is scheduled for a release August 23rd 2013 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC, and can be pre-ordered now to obtain the Commander in Chief edition on top of the Standard and Collector's Edition, if you didn't catch our preview of the game from E3 be sure to give it a look!