Guacamelee! announced

DrinkBox Studios, the developers behind the curiously cute Tales About a Blob series, have just announced a new title; Guacamelee!

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>amelee! Features a down-on-his-luck Mexican named Juan Aguacate, who has no option but to save the world when El Presidente’s Daughter is kidnapped by an Evil Charro Skeleton. Taking place in a small village in Mexico, the player will have to travel through alternate dimensions including; “The World of the Dead” and “The World of Nightmares” whilst on his quest to save the girl he loves.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican culture and folklore, it looks to feature many interesting environments, and unique characters. DrinkBox are hoping to build on the classic open-world titles like Metroid or Castlevania, and add to it with a strong melee combat component, and the new dimension switching mechanic. This all comes combined with the co-operative same-screen mutliplayer that was so alluring in Tales from Space: About a Blob.

The project is in development thanks to financial participation from the Canada Media Fund, and currently Platforms and release dates are yet to be decided. However if you are venturing to Digifest's First Person Show in Toronto on October 30th, DrinkBox will be showing off the game with hand's on playable.

We loved Tales from Space to bits, and Guacamelee! looks like a fantastic combination of Shank's gameplay and the cultural niceties of Grim Fandango, we cannot wait!