First gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V unveiled!

First gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V unveiled!

It's the video we've all been waiting for, and many of us could have never even imagined what it would show us! Rockstar Games have unveiled the first gameplay trailer for the illustrious and highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V!

So what do you think? There's just so much to take in! Golf, Tennis, the Stock Market, hunting, absolutely everything, it's set to become the true criminal life simulation that I've always wanted it to be, and if it can top Red Dead Redemption, which it's currently on track with, then I know what I'll be playing for a very long time!

Most interesting to note in the trailer, side-segments aside was the change in gameplay that three characters introduces, and it's quite a choice to make; the ability to switch between Michael, Franklin and Trevor at will, will certainly make for some very varied playthroughs, but will it also mean that characters you don't like will be a bit underused?

Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled for a release September 17th on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and boy, we just can't wait!