Grand Theft Auto III is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary in style

There are many things around these days that remind you how old you are; Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, Link’s 25th, well you would have never imagined that Grand Theft Auto III; the game to break out the GTA series to what it is today, is turning 10!

10 years ago to this month, Grand Theft Auto III was released to an innocent and unsuspecting world, and to commemorate the 10th Anniversary Rockstar are announcing that GTAIII will be coming to select new generation iOS and Android devices later this fall.

Now you’re thinking, what does Gamercast care about a game on mobile devices, well you’d be right, because alongside the announcement that will excite hundreds of thousands of GTA fans; they are announcing a limited-edition action figure of the game’s lead character Claude which is available now for pre-order in limited quantities from the Rockstar Warehouse.

The fully articulated 1:6 scale figure comes dressed in the iconic cargo pants and bomber jacket, and can also sport his Liberty City Prison-issued jumpsuit, as well as this he also comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons including a bat, knife, grenades, pistol, sniper rifle and assault rifle.

This rare and valuable collector’s item has an MSRP of $149.99, and Social Club members have an exclusive opportunity to win one by entering in the Sweepstakes before October 16th for a chance to win.

Also available at the Warehouse, are 10th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto III posters, which would look particular dashing next to your brand new Claude figure.