Goodbye Global Game Jam for another year!

As you may have read earlier on last week, this weekend just passed marked the third annual Global Game Jam, after 48 hours, 6500 participants put together almost 1500 games based around the theme Extinction, breaking record numbers of previous jams.

As you can expect the most hardcore of participants will of had very little sleep over the 3 day period that began on Friday at 5pm, we salute you all. Personally we all had about 6 hours sleep over the weekend, it's truly something that needs to be experienced.

With hosts of games about Dinosaurs, Pandas, Bees and Space you'll be hard pressed finding a game with the exact same idea as another. The Global Game Jam is a brilliant event for people that are simply enthusiastic about games. The Gamercast team are currently cooling down from the event, and proudly made a cute and fun game around the theme.

We were very proud of our game 'Legislate or bee extinct', a little three-game-game that pits you into choosing the direction of a new legislation that either passes the killing of a certain endangered species, or the conservation of one.

After your time in the court you are then taken to one of two games; 'Whack to Extinction', a whack-a-mole type game where you must destroy as many of your chosen endangered animal as possible in a bid to wipe them out. Or there is the very friendly 'Save bee kind' where you can pollinate endangered plants in order to spring new life into the world. Best enjoyed with the sound up you won't find a better panda death sound anywhere else!

We hope after all of our selfless promotion of the event that you will think of participating next year!

If you are interested in seeing what is possible in 48 hours you can check out our game and a host of others at the official website.