Get ready for Kinect Sports' first piece of DLC

Microsoft have officially announced a new add on for their title Kinect Sports called Calorie Challenge. The add on features a new mode for you to get jumping around with that has you pitched up against your everyday calorific rivals such as Peppy Pizza, Supersonic Soda and many others, each one representing a calorie goal for you to burn off while playing for the allotted time.

The amount of calories you can burn when up against your rivals can span from Steady Celery (25 calories) all the way up to Chocolate Challenger (416 calories) so your workout can vary quite a lot. Be it boxing with some Milk or racing against some pizza the choice is up to you and brings the wonderful world of calorie controlled exercising to Kinect Sports.
The new DLC boasts an extra 250 Gamerscore to add onto the Achievements already in Kinect Sports, as well as adding two new avatar awards.

Priced up at a reasonable 320 MS Points the Calorie Challenge will be available next week on April 29th on Xbox Live. Kinect Sports was of course one of Kinect’s release titles, and one that I believe all of Gamercast agree with as being one of the best Kinect titles out there.

This piece of DLC also comes in at a great time after everyone has popped in their copy of Kinect Sports to take part in the Xbox Live Nations challenge on 23rd of April, to make history by getting Xbox Live in the Guinness World Records.

In order to take part have the Guiness World Record gamerpic as your public gamerpic, and then at 18:00 on the 23rd, launch up the 100m Dash from the mini-games and get ready to break a record by taking part in the ‘largest online 100m sprint’.