Fed up of the UK, why not haul in Germany?

Thanks to the folks at Excalibur Publishing the UK are getting the immensely successful German Truck Simulator, now fully translated into English, German Truck Simulator, the spiritual twin of UK Truck Simulator will be released May 21st 2010, where the driving experience is taken back to mainland Europe where it all began, so get ready for driving back on the right-hand side of the road!

Similar to the recently released excellent game UK Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator has you dropping cargo around 18 major German cities, and if you ensure that your deliveries are at their destinations on time, and your truck takes as little scrapes as possible then you’ll be the boss of your own haulier business in no time.

Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says:

It fantastic to compliment the range of Truck Simulators we have introduced to the market in the past by adding German Truck Simulator. With MAN permitting us to recreate some of their trucks in 3D, the gamers will be able to enjoy the highly detailed interiors and get behind the wheel of these iconic trucks themselves.

German Truck Simulator will retail at £24.99 when it released for Windows on 28th May 2010, you can find out more details at Excalibur Publishing, while you wait, why not pick up UK Truck Simulator at all good retailers for £24.99. UK Truck Simulator was a fabulous title, so we've no doubt that German Truck Simulator will be just as enthralling.