Get ready to fund the next Double Fine game

No, don't get surprised, this isn't Psychonauts 2 confirmed and on the definite horizon, if you remember a few months back some concept images were released of a Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert collaboration, well that dream project is ready to become a reality.

If you are not entirely sure what's going on, yesterday Double Fine Productions posted a new project on Kickstarter; an online funding website for ideas and concepts. They proposed that they would make a new point and click adventure game if they could raise $400,000 in 34 days. Well in less than 9 hours 10,000+ fans proved that adventure games are not dead by fronting just under $500,000.

This is only the beginning however; with 33 days left on the clock, any money donated to the Double Fine Adventure will continue to fund the project to be even more awesome. Funding a video game must cost a fortune right, and you'll never see the return? Well it's not going to burn a hole in your pocket, and as long as you donate over $15 you are guaranteed some awesome stuff.

For $15; that's less than a tenner, you will have access to a private community that will help shape the game, a series of documentary videos around the project, as well as the beta for the game that will run on Steam, and of course the game when it is released in October 2012.

In fact, why am I explaining this when Tim Schafer can do the job:

With six available tiers to back on, you can get your hands on exclusive concept art, a painted picture of yourself, even a signed poster, it just depends on how much cash you want to front. We've done our part, so you better do yours!