Frogger Returns!

Frogger Returns, as Konami brings the classic heart-pounding arcade challenge to DSiWare! The classic top-down 2D gameplay has been updated with colourful 3D graphics from a new perspective, with all new-levels, new enemies and power-ups to help Frogger dodge and grab, this will be one of the most addictive games you could possibly play on your DSi.

Taking from the classic gameplay of Frogger is the best decision by Konami, and will give the title a new lease of life to gamers that don’t know about the series, or the perfection of its arcade origins. The DSiWare catalogue has needed some classic arcade fun since the release of the console, and Frogger is most definitely the way to do this. Jump your way across traffic and crocodiles in the attempt to get home in Frogger Returns which will be available on the Nintendo DSiWare Shopping Channel, sometime this Spring, 2010.