Fray gets an overhaul in the Reloaded Edition

Fray gets an overhaul in the Reloaded Edition

Brain Candy the small development team behind the simultaneous turn-based strategy game Fray have re-released the game in a new Reloaded Edition to improve on the issues that the original had on launch back in June.

With RAM optimisation, greater server stability and punishment for rage quitters, existing players have been given game keys to share with their friends alongside a free soundtrack of the game, and a grateful thank you from the developers for their patience.

Thanks to player feedback, Brain Candy have done as much as possible to ensure that their very first game is brought up to the standard that players hoped of it with solo training maps, a redesigned user interface, improved graphics and SFX, a rebalancing of weapons and new scoring systems.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>: Reloaded Edition is available now on Steam for £14.99, however it is currently only compatible with 64-bit Windows, so those on 32-bit may have to wait a little longer, expect to see our impressions of the game soon.